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Amomax Drop leg Holster Platform Mount - BK

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Amomax Drop leg Holster Platform Mount - BK


Product Name: Drop Leg Platform
Brand: Amomax
Fit: Compatible with all Amomax Holsters, Magazine Pouches
Color: Black

• Drop leg platform offers versatility of a modular platform Fits Cytac / Nuprol
• Compatible with cytac / nuprol holsters and magazine pouches.
• High-tech, black polymer main attachment panel
• Fully adjustable straps with side release buckles
• Easily attach holsters, mag pouches and more...

Amomax drop leg platform is available in 
holding 3 tactical gears. User can have more mags ready for reload. Different leg size can be meet by elastic straps and easy buckles. The drop leg platform is compatible with durability and breathability