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Ares x Amoeba Striker Knee Capper

Duty Calls Airsoft

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This rifle has a polymer and alloy construction with the body, stock, and magazine being polymer and an alloy rail, barrel, silencer, trigger system and internals.

This rifle has an adjustable, top-down hop up system with a short pull bolt, inner barrel stabilisers, and a warning marker showing when the rifle is cocked. This rifle comes supplied with a 45rd capacity magazine, and it has an ambidextrous magazine release that can be pressed using one hand for quick reloads.

The Ares Amoeba Knee Capper has many improvements over the AS01 including a rubber butt plate with shoulder rest, a polymer safety trigger, a 90 degree steel trigger sear, and a M-LOK handguard!

As this is a high powered sniper rifle it is essential that you use high quality BBs, preferably heavier weight BBs. 


  • Outstanding for an entry range sniper rifle
  • Short bolt pull
  • Ambidextrous rear sling loop plate
  • 19cm long fixed 20mm RIS rail for sights and scopes
  • Adjustable Hop-up unit for use with a range of heavyweight BBs adding range and accuracy
  • Warning marker shows when the rifle is cocked
  • Single pin removal to remove the bolt
  • Stabilised inner barrel
  • Magazine guides for easy insertion
  • 45 round magazine
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Extended magazine release around trigger guard
  • Ergonomic stock design

                                   Package Includes:

                                  • 1 x Ares Amoeba 'STRIKER' Knee Capper Sniper Rifle
                                  • 1 x Ares Amoeba Striker User Manual
                                  • 1 x Ares Amoeba Striker Magazine