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Ares x Amoeba Striker Tactical 01

Duty Calls Airsoft

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The Ares Striker line of bolt action sniper rifles has always been considered one of the best, if not the best, out of the box airsoft sniper rifles, especially taking the low prices in to account.

Combining the consistent FPS, (which is at around 415fps straight out the box), modern designs, and a wide range of awesome features and accessories, the STRIKER series, by Ares Amoeba, have taken the Airsoft sniper market by storm.

This new AST-01 'tactical' model features external upgrades and customisation options such as M-LOK slots on the top and sides of the forward receiver, an adjustable cheek riser and butt pad, an adjustable grip angle, and an adjustable trigger. Another aesthetic change worth mentioning is that the new AST01 Striker includes a "stealth" bolt charging handle, giving it a low profile.

The improvements don't stop at aesthetics with the Ares AST01 Striker. You will also find a redesigned safety lever placed in front of the trigger unit, giving you easier access, as well as magazine release levers that make it easier for you to release the magazine. Another aesthetic change includes a "stealth" bolt charging handle which is low profile.

Internally, the cylinder has been upgraded to feature a stainless steel housing, giving a higher durability and an upgraded magazine feeding feature, which in turn provides a more consistent feeding of BBs to the chamber.

The Ares AST-01 is compatible with the whole line of the Striker Series aftermarket parts, which include both internal and external parts compatible with the AS-01, AS-02, and AS-03.

Included with the Ares AST01 is a 45 round magazine, which is amongst the highest capacity sniper mags on the market - great if you don't love reloading.

Key Features:
  • Low-Profile Charging Handle
  • New Magazine Release Knob
  • G2 (Generation 2) Upper Receiver which includes a 90 degree sear, full length top rail, shorter mag well, and screw-fixed bolt pin
  • Advanced Safety
  • Fully Adjustable Trigger
  • Loading is Locked when Safety is on
  • Fully Adjustable Tactical Butt Stock with Spare Magwell
  • Adjustable Cheek Piece and Butt Pad
  • New Load Indicator
  • Compatible with AS Series Parts


1 x ARES Amoeba Tactical 'STRIKER' AST-01 Sniper Rifle - OD Green
1 x Magazine
1 x Manual
1 x Cleaning Rod