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Duty Calls Airsoft

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WARFET is GATE's most advanced AEG control system. It has 20 functions and almost 6 million possible configurations. The outstanding Tactical Programming Card provides you with very easy access to the WARFET power module settings. Thanks to the Pre-cocking and Smart Trigger functions, you can achieve a trigger response similar to a real gun. The Programmable Burst (1-5 rounds) enables you to fire a pre-determined number of BBs, which is very useful in MILSLIM and for using low-caps. Another function is ROF Control, which allows you to reduce ROF, so you can use strong LiPo batteries, and still have ROF just like in a real rifle. If your AEG becomes jammed, the Smart Fuse protects the battery and the motor against damage. It also prevents deep battery drain. With WARFET you get loads of useful functions, great electrical specifications and conformal coating, all of which make the AEG control system able to meet the needs of most experienced airsoft players. Moreover it's super easy to install, just plug and play, no soldering required.

Key Functions:

Tactical Programming Card
Plug & Play
1-5rd Burst Mode
3rd Burst Mode
Configurable Fire Selector
Rate of Fire Adjustment
Smart Trigger
Battery Protection
Smart Electronic Fuse
Battery Protection
ON/OFF Active Brake
Standard MOSFET Function
Self Test
Dark Mode
Mil-Spec Coating
LiPo Ready
Hardwire Functions
Deans/Tamiya Ready
Printed Quickstart Guide

Key Features...
  • The system operates properly within a wide range of voltages, 3V - 17V.
  • Simple To Use
  • Comprehensive Protections
  • Very low current consumption in standby mode (0.2mA).
  • Very low resistance of the whole system (2mΩ).
  • Compatible with all types of gearbox.
  • Weight: 9.4g
  • Dimensions: 56mm x 20mm x 9mm
  • Deans Connectors & Tamiya Adaptors
  • Sturdy & Compact
  • Works with most built-in MOSFETs.
  • Resistant to atmospheric conditions, military specifications: MIL-V-173C.
  • Improves battery life, ROF, spring life and gearbox reliability.

    What's in the box...
    • Tactical Programming Card
    • WARFET Unit
    • Converter Lead for Large Female Deans to Mini Male Tamiya
    • Converter Lead for Mini Female Tamiya to Large Male Deans
    • Additional Set of Deans Connectors
    • Single Signal Wire for Trigger Contacts
    • Double Signal Wire for Trigger Contacts
    • Quickstart Guide