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Duty Calls Airsoft

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The LCT TX-74UN is manufactured to an absurdly high standard, using realistic materials and processes to create the closest thing you can get to a firearm without owning the real thing. The receiver is made from Stamped Steel (just like the real firearm) which results in stamping marks and an oily residue from the stamping process which reminds you of the amazing quality every time you touch it. The handguard is an Alloy manufacture with numbered rail slots, and offers 20mm RIS at the top, bottom and sides for pretty much any accessory setup you can think of.

The end of the Steel manufactured barrel assembly features the typical AKS74U flash hider, which can be unscrewed to reveal a 28mm CW thread for compatible muzzle devices once the spring-loaded pin has been held back. A set of front and rear sling loops allow for the addition of sling for easy carrying whether the stock is folded or open. The dust cover is hinged to allow easy access to the top wired battery compartment. Simply push on the button at the rear of the dust cover to raise it up and access the Mini Tamiya connector inside. The side of the receiver has the AK style Dovetail Side Rail as you would expect, which can accept specific rail systems and optics. The sliding stock requires some assembly out of the box, however is a simple case of removing the Allen screw from the top of the buffer tube, sliding it into place and replacing the Allen screw to hold it securely. The Crane Stock is already attached to the buffer tube but can be removed by pulling down on the stock release lever and pulling it off the rear. The fire controls will be familiar to anyone who has used the AK platform before, and the ambidextrous magazine release will be well received by left handed players who would struggle to operate any other weapon platform.

Internally the TX-74UN features a CNC Aluminium Piston Head and Cylinder Head, as well as Chrome Plated Cylinder, 9mm Bearings, 18AWG Wiring and a 22000RPM Motor.

Included in the box is a Polymer replica of the Bakelite 5.45x39mm magazine which is commonly seen with this weapon platform, and is a Mid-Cap design that holds a total of 130 BBs. If you're looking for the most realistic AK platform replica that the Airsoft market has to offer, with sturdy build quality and materials coupled with quality internals, and the ability to add whatever tactical accessories you like then the LCT TX-74UN is the AEG you have been looking for.


  • Tactical Railed Handguard
  • Numbered Rail Slots
  • Stamped Steel Receiver
  • 28mm CW Thread
  • Top Wired / Mini Tamiya
  • Highly Realistic Construction
  • Dovetail Side Rail
  • AEG Buffer Tube
  • Sliding Crane Stock
  • Adjustable Length
  • Compact AK Platform
  • Ambidextrous Mag Release
  • Hinged Dust Cover
  • CNC Aluminium Piston Head
  • CNC Aluminium Cylinder Head
  • Chrome Plated Cylinder
  • 9mm Bearings
  • 18AWG Wiring
  • 22000RPM Motor
  • 3.4kg Total Weight
  • 73/81cm Total Length
  • 270mm Inner Barrel