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Maple Leaf Hop Up Bucking

Duty Calls Airsoft

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The diamond shaped patch is what sets these hop rubbers apart and serves to provide much more consistent interaction with the BB when they leave the barrel. The ridges on the outside of the rubber also improve efficiency by minimising air lost around the edges of the rubber and making sure that as much power goes to your shot as possible.


  • High performance bucking
  • Engineered to boost range and accuracy
  • Maximises contact with BB across the patch
  • Ridges on outside improve air seal
  • Aligns BBs during firing
  • Diamond shaped patch
  • Evenly grips around the BB for a better air seal


- 50 degree: 280-360 FPS
- 60 degree: 295-390 FPS
- 70 degree: 360-460 FPS