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Duty Calls Airsoft

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  • Built by NUPROL as part of their POWER Range
  • High quality smart charger system
  • Charges LiPo / LiFe / LiHV / Li-Ion / NiMh / NiCd and Pb batteries
  • Charges almost every single battery type you'll requrie for Airsoft
  • Internal lithium battery balancer
  • Individual cell balancing and monitoring
  • Delta-peak sensitivity to protect the battery and charger
  • Automatic current charging limit
  • Capacity limiter
  • Optional temperature threshold detection
  • Charge time limiter
  • Input power monitoring
  • Data storage / load thanks to on-board memory
  • Cyclic charging and discharging
  • Allows the connection of batteries with an XT60, Deans or Mini-Tamiya connector
  • Supports LiPo, LiFe, and LiHv with up to 4 cells
  • Built in internal cooling fan
  • Internal power supply system with no need for an external power brick
  • Large, tactile and easy to use buttons
  • Visual LCD display screen
  • Supports 100-240 AC input
  • Charge power of 60W
  • Max discharge power of 10 watt
  • 0.1A - 6.0A charge current range
  • Suppots PB battery betwen 6v - 12v
  • Detailed warning and error display

Package Includes

  • 60W Smart Charger
  • Plug Power Lead
  • XT60 to Deans Cable
  • Deans to Mini-Tamiya Adaptor