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Duty Calls Airsoft

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  • Created by NUPROL as part of their POWER range
  • Intelligent Auto-Stop charger
  • Charges almost every type of Airsoft battery
  • Charges Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-Hv, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd Batteries
  • Smart charging system to detect problems safely
  • Stops charging when the battery is full
  • LED Text Display and LED info light
  • Internal power supply system
  • Comes with charging harness and connector adaptor
  • Can be used with LiPo data connectors for Balance Charge
  • Standard cable includes Deans connector
  • Comes with Deans to Mini-Tamiya Converter
  • Adjustable AMP output setting
  • AMP adjustable to 0.5A - 4A in 0.5A increments
  • 100v - 240v AC Input voltage
  • Outputs a max of 30W

Package Includes

  • Multi Function NiMh / LiPo / LiFe Charger
  • Charging Harness to Deans Connector
  • Deans to Mini-Tamiya Converter
  • Power Cable