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Perun G&G ETU Upgrade kit (with Deans Connector)

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Perun G&G ETU Upgrade kit (with Deans Connector)

The Perun upgrade Kit for G&G ETU enhances your trigger unit by adding several new options. They are very easy to install - simply disconnect the stock electronic board and plug-in your new Upgrade Kit. The stock internal trigger unit is retained, so there is no need to open the gearbox. 

The new unit makes it possible to set any combination of the following firing modes under "SEMI" and "AUTO" selector positions independently:
- Safe
- Semi-automatic
- 2 to 5 round burst
- Full-automatic

Programming of all of the settings, not only firing modes but also active brake, precocking and battery protection (on and off) is done solely by using easily memorable sequences of fire selector switch and trigger pulls. That allows changing the settings on the fly, even whilst under enemy fire.

Fast trigger response can be a matter of victory or defeat, especially in CQB situations. With precocking enabled, piston will remain in rear position after each shot with spring already compressed, ensuring that next shot will be fired immediately after you pull the trigger. Precocking works in semi, burst and full-automatic modes.

Battery protection mode
This mode is dedicated to Li-Po batteries. Should the battery voltage fall to a dangerously low level, the user will be notified by short sound signals that are repeated every 30 seconds. This may also be freely switched on and off.

Double Tap
This mode enables the user to fire two shots whilst in semi-automatic. After enabling this mode, if the semi-automatic fire mode is selected, shots will be fired not only when the trigger is pressed, but also when it's released.

This upgrade kit works with any battery from 7V do 17V. Even if the battery has only enough power to make the replica fire at a very low rate of fire, the circuit will work. It can also be used with most extreme setups, without any limitations as to the spring rating. The maximum rate of fire is 50 RPS. Electronic fuse designed to work with Li-Po batteries will save your replica and battery in case of a major malfunction. It will automatically disconnect the battery, if a short circuit or blocked motor is detected. G&G ETU has an active brake, which is retained in our upgrade kit. Active brake assists by stopping the motor after each shot. In case of double feed problem with your replicas with high rate of fire, active brake will be an effective solution. It can also prevent compression of the main spring for an extended period of time, if you fire a shot with AB on before a storing your replica for a longer time. The active brake function can be switched on or off at any time in few seconds.

(Please note that any changes to a new RIF may void your warranty and if you are not comfortable with replacing complex components please seek the assistance of a qualified airsoft tech)