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Tectonic Innovations Atom Impact Grenade

Duty Calls Airsoft

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Tectonic Innovations Atom Impact Grenade

1920 Erwin Schrodinger created the Atomic model we know today. In the 1930s the atom was split and nuclear fusion was born. The Americans in 1945 dropped the first Atomic Bomb. Then it all went quiet for a few years……………………………….. 85 years later Tectonic Innovations create the next big innovation for the Atom!
Introducing the “Tectonic Innovations Atom” Impact Grenade! The smallest impact grenade known to man!!
Using a simple and extremely cost effective thunder snap charge. Built from tough high grade aluminium kicking out 119 decibels. The Tectonic innovations Atom is a small and mighty punch packer.
Easily holstered in a custom made Deadly Customs holster, these are a must have for your Airsoft loadout.