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Well MB03 VSR10 Sniper Rifle (Upgraded Steel Parts - MB03 - Black)

Duty Calls Airsoft

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The MB03A is predominantly constructed from alloy, with alloy receiver, barrel assembly and internals, and the stock constructed of lightweight polymer. The rifle features a selection of 20mm RIS rails allowing the attachment of aftermarket parts and accessories, with a top 13.5cm rail for attaching sights and scopes, along with a front bottom 6cm long rail for attaching bipods and other accessories as required by the user. The weapon comes supplied in two sections, the upper assembly which includes the receiver and barrel, and the stock. Users can quickly and easily assemble the two halves using the tools provided by simply slotting them together and screwing in the two retention screws. The front of the barrel features a removable muzzle end cap, which allows the attachment of a thread adaptor for attaching silencers and suppressors. The weapon features an adjustable hop-up system, which is designed to add spin to the BBs, and can be adjusted via an external lever on the underside of the weapon, making it easy to adjust on the fly. The Hop-Up adds spin using a small patch of rubber before the barrel, which stabilises the BB, enhancing its range and accuracy. The lightweight polymer stock is unique to the MB03A, featuring subtle differences to the original VSR / BAR 10 design. The rear of the stock features a rubberised butt plate to improve the point of contact between the user and the weapon, ensuring that you have a steady and firm grip on the weapon. The trigger guard is a large design, perfectly suited for users wearing bulky gloves in winter. This rifle is perfect for those who are looking for a great entry level sniper rifle, or for those who want a base for a project weapon.

  • Standard VSR / BAR10 receiver and bolt
  • Trigger lock safety design
  • 13.5cm long 20mm RIS optic / scope rail
  • Lower 6cm long 20mm RIS rail for bipods
  • Front and rear sling loops for two point slings
  • Comes with required tools for building
  • Removable barrel end cap for attaching suppressor adaptors
  • Rubberised butt plate
  • Adjustable Hop-Up for enhanced range and accuracy performance
  • Hop-Up is adjusted from the outside of the rifle
  • Large trigger guard for glove wearers
  • Push button magazine release
  • MB03A Sniper Rifle – Black
  • Magazine
  • Speed loader
  • Cleaning rod
  • Tools